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Certified by the supplier as United States Pharmacopeia rihanna puma slides (USP) Class VI-compliant, this PUMA resin has been tested thoroughly for its chemical inertness, working temperature, biocompatibility, and sterilizability  all qualities necessary for manufacturing medical diagnostic devices.In this article, we focus on the back-end steps  demolding, bonding, and interconnecting to external fluidic delivery  of producing a PUMA chip. During demolding, high-aspect-ratio microstructures are prone to shear-induced damage.

Aclar sheets (Honeywell, Morristown, NJ), which is a polychloro-trifluoro-ethylene (PCTFE) polymer containing no plasticizer, may be used in lieu of cellophane in critical applications. To form fluidic reservoirs or holes for external connection, PTFE posts (3 mm (D) × 3 mm (H)) were embedded in the PUMA resin before curing. puma fenty slides The entire assembly was placed in a high-intensity UV source (ADAC Cure Zone 2 UV Flood Light Source, fitted with a 400W metal halide lamp.

Laser power, and spot focus need to be fine-tuned to avoid excessive melting. The sputtering problem puma shoes for women should be readily addressable with a protective mask ( e.g. cellophane or Scotch tape) on top of critical features.Cured PUMA resin has a Shore hardness of D 60, which is significantly harder than the elastomeric PDMS (Shore A 50 for Dow Corning's Sylgard 184). For free standing, mechanically fragile features (in particular unsupported tall vertical columns or whiskers).

PDMS cannot be used as the material of fabrication because of low shear modulus; 6 the features would simply lean and topple over rihanna puma shoes under gravity.Fig. 2 shows an example of features that can be fabricated in PUMA but not PDMS. Fig. 2A shows a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image of a replica in PUMA resin; this test pattern for replication consists of densely spaced vertical columns alternating with solid walls. The feature height was ~40 ¼m and the aspect ratio of the vertical columns was ~3.5.

A 180° bend was incorporated in the design to help troubleshooting if there were directional issues in either the replication or demolding process. As evident in Fig. 2A , the columns produced in PUMA had a sharp vertical profile with no evidence of leaning.We found that for low-aspect-ratio features the cured PUMA resin could be released from the PDMS mold either by (1) peeling the mold slightly away from the cured resin or (2) wedging puma blaze of glory a scalpel between the resin and the mold to gently lift up the resin.

After UV curing, the PUMA-PDMS assembly was placed on the base suction cup and the vacuum pump was turned on. The base suction cup held the PDMS mold in place while the upper suction cup was slowly brought down to contact the transparent polypropylene cover on top of the cured resin. The touch-down speed should be sufficiently slow such that minimal downward force was exerted on the resin. Once the vacuum gauge on the pump dropped from atmospheric pressure to the ultimate pressure of the pump.

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