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Top 10 Biggest Mistakes of Website Design Marketing Articles | June 26 Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , 2002
Author: Scott WhitneyContact: swhitney@whitcomWebsite: http:www.whitcomWord Count: 1404 (including resource boxauthor info)Title: "Top 10 Biggest Mistakes of Website Design"Description: Thi...

Author: Scott Whitney
Contact: swhitney@whitcom
Website: http:www.whitcom
Word Count: 1404 (including resource boxauthor info)
Title: "Top 10 Biggest Mistakes of Website Design"

Description: This article details critical mistakes made during
website design, development, and deployment.

Publication Rules:

Copyright 2002 (c) Scott Whitney, All Rights Reserved.
Permission is granted to reprint the following article, in your
publication or website, as long as no changes are made to the
copyright info Cheap Jerseys From China , and the author information is also included with
the article. Minor editing to the article is permitted.

~ You may not use this article in UCE (Unsolicited Commercial
Email). Email distribution of this article must be opt-in email
~ You must forward a copy of the ezine or newsletter that contains
the article inside to the author at: swhitney@whitcom
~If you post this article on a website, you must set the links up
as hyperlinks, and you must send us a copy of the URL where the
article is posted.
Top 10 Biggest Mistakes of Website Design
By Scott Whitney
Copyright ? 2002
All Rights Reserved

Here''s a seemingly easy question: What is the goal of EVERY
website in the world?

Ask this question of most website developers, and the answer will
be the same; "Uh, that depends on what you want, Mr. Cu$tomer."

The *real* answer Cheap Jerseys China , however, is quite clear:

The goal of EVERY website in the world is to increase the
probability of engagement (with the visitor, so you can sell,
support, or tell your story), and decrease the risk of exit (from
the site Cheap Jerseys , resulting in competitive engagement).

To that end, there are three (3) areas of interest that must be
addressed when developing and maintaining a website:

~ Technical
~ Design
~ Marketing

Technical Mistakes

1. Not taking advantage of the medium (or, I Can''t Breathe!).
Surprisingly enough, some of the BIGGEST Websites in the world
fail to actually put the technology available to them to work.
What do we mean? Specifically, DOES THE SITE B-R-E-A-T-H-E?

A Breathe-able site is one that is able to automatically reformat
its content to fit a user''s screen, regardless of their screen
size. When designing a website Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys , in order to make the experience
pleasurable and as user-friendly as possible, make sure that
regardless of the visitor''s screen size, the contents fits
perfectly. In other words, if you design your site for a user with
a 640 x 480 screen, anybody with a bigger screen (800 x 600, 1024
x 768 Wholesale NFL Jerseys , etc.) will be forced to look at a BUNCH of white space.

Interestingly enough, folks who come from the desktop publishing
world create many of the sites that do this. And while they often
make pretty Websites, theirs is a world where a dynamic, re-
sizable "page" didn''t exist. Well, it does today, so if you REALLY
want to make the experience a pleasurable one for your visitor Wholesale Jerseys From China ,
take the time to make your site BREATHE!

2. Forcing a visitor to scroll from left to right
Have you even been to a Website where you found yourself having to
scroll the screen left to right to read all the content? Chances
are, you have. Chances are also that after a while, you decided
against doing much of it. This is mainly because, while it is
intuitive to read down a page, it''s less so left to right.

The visual distraction of having content cut off the right side is
very disconcerting. You''ll see a great many sites do this for the
simple reason that the developer forced an absolute size width of
his web page, instead of allowing it to fit within the users
screen (see #1). Bottom line? If you make your visitor scroll from
left to right Wholesale Jerseys China , they''ll likely stroll to another site.

3. Dead Links
There really is no excuse for this one. Every Website development
environment worth its salt has the ability to check the integrity
of all its internal links. And although it may not be able to
check the integrity of links that lead a user somewhere outside of
your site, if it''s important enough to link to, isn''t it important
enough to see if it exists?

Design Mistakes

4. Ransom Note Design
Sites that suffer from this mistake fall into three categories;

~ Sites that spent time on creating a nice home page, but forgot
that a visitor might actually go beyond that page,

~ Sites whose webmaster is determined to use every color, font Wholesale Jerseys ,
graphic, and animated logo and cool Flash movie he can get his
hands on, and

~ Sites that fail to use a consistent formatting technique.

For those folks in the first category, you''re simply setting up
your visitor to be VERY disappointed once he ventures beyond your
opening screen. It also implies a lack of follow through and
continuity, which does not reflect well on the Website owner.

Our friends in the second category are no different then the
people who couldn''t wait to try every font available when WYSIWYG
word processors came out. Problem is, nobody reads this stuff.

And folks in the third category choose to underline words leading
people to believe they''re hyperlinks or forget to use consistent
font form . Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys Cheap MLB Jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys From China Cheap MLB Jerseys China Cheap Custom NHL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Online Cheap Custom NCAA Jerseys

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