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The Energy Enhancement Meditation Symbol contains the Twelve Petalled Lotus of the Heart Center Chakra with One of the Symbols of the Worlds Major Religions in Each One of the Petals.

Inside the symbol is the Hexagram - The Seal of Solomon Nike Air Max 270 React Kopen , with the Seven Chakras describing the Three Initiations on the Path of Enlightenment -

? Initiation 1. The Opening of the Heart. Solar Plexus to Heart Chakra.
? Initiation 2. The Mastery of Relationships, Abdomen to Throat Chakra.
? Initiation 3. Enlightenment, Base to all the Head Chakras, to the Soul and on seven higher paths of Enlightenment and above.

At the Very Center of The Energy Enhancement Symbol is the Heart Chakra radiating Peace and Light outwards.. like the Sun...

Each of the twelve petals of the Energy Enhancement Symbols Heart Lotus contains a symbol of one of the major religions on this planet symbolizing the fact that there is one God with 10 ,000 names and each of them is powered by the energy of the Heart Chakra.

A necessary Planetary Synthesis of Religions., Ecumenism.

As Father Bede Griffiths said, ?Each Religion is a Revelation sent by God to one of the Saints and as such each of them is a Precious Jewel in the ongoing Revelation of God.?

As Swami Satchidananda said, ?If the Religions cannot come together as one Air Max 270 Schoenen Sale , what chance have the Politicians??

The Religions on The Energy Enhancement Symbol are..

Hinduism ?In the effulgent lotus of the Heart dwells Brahman, the Light of Lights.? ? Mundaka Upanishad.

Judaism ?The Lord is my Light; Whom shall I Fear.? ? Psalms

Shinto ?The Light of Divine Amaterasu shines forever.? ? Kurorumi Munriada

Taoism ?Following the Light the Sage takes care of All.? ? Lao Tsu

Buddhism, ?The Radiance of the Buddha Shines Ceaselessly.? The Dhammapada

Christianity, ?I have come into the World as Light.? ? The Holy Bible

Islam Nike Air Max 270 Kopen Sale , ?Allah is the Light of the Heavens and the earth.? - The Holy Koran

Sikhism, ?God Being Truth is the One Light of All.? - Adi Granth

African Faiths, ?God is the Sun beaming Light everywhere,? - Tribal African

Native American Faiths Goedkope Nike Air Max 270 , ?The Light of Wakan-Tanka is upon my People.? - Song of Kahlaya

Other Known Faiths, ?Truth is One, Paths are Many.? - Swami Satchidananda

Faiths Still Unknown, ?Truth is One Nike Air Max 270 Nederland , Paths are Many.? - Swami Satchidananda

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