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Why Is Preventative Maintenance Important in Brazil? Business Articles | May 21 Cheap Eric Dickerson Jersey , 2013
According to research reported by Automotive Fleet - The Car and Truck Fleet and Leasing Management Magazine earlier this year, Brazil is the largest fleet market in South America.

According to research reported by Automotive Fleet - The Car and Truck Fleet and Leasing Management Magazine earlier this year, Brazil is the largest fleet market in South America. Companies such as Kraft, Pirelli, Proctor & Gamble, and Honeywell operate major fleets in Brazil Cheap Greg Gaines Jersey , and over half of the country's 4 million corporate vehicles are located in the southeastern portion of Brazil. With all of these cars and huge companies controlling them, you'd think fleet management and preventative maintenance wouldn't be an issue.

However, Automotive Fleet noted several significant challenges including the fact that GM, Fiat, and Volkswagen control 75 percent of the Brazilian market. Not only are new fleet vehicle choices limited, and thus Cheap Bobby Evans Jersey , pricey, the sheer size of Brazil and its road conditions take their toll on cars. To make matters worse, the availability of parts is inconsistent and the reliability of the country's vehicle maintenance and service provider network is questionable in some parts of the country. Each of these factors on their own create a compelling case for preventative maintenance; combined, they make preventative maintenance not only important, but essential.

In countries with a competitive fleet market and readily available parts, the occasional breakdown isn't necessarily catastrophic. A car may be out of commission for a day or two while it undergoes repairs. But in countries such as Brazil where parts are not readily available Cheap David Long Jersey , a car may be out of commission for many weeks while parts are sourced and transported. Even then, due to scarcity, parts could be priced higher than expected.

Brazilian automotive fleet issues such as the availability of parts and logistical considerations in transporting them could also extend to industrial equipment. In both cases, many breakdowns can be prevented through regular preventative maintenance. With a solid preventative maintenance program in place, companies can control costs, extend the life of equipment and vehicles Cheap Darrell Henderson Jersey , and minimize downtime.

The cost of new fleet vehicles in Brazil is affected by a lack of competition, interest rates, and a complex tax structure. With limited options as far as new vehicles and equipment goes and higher-than-expected acquisition costs, it makes sense to extend the life of existing vehicles as much as possible. Preventative maintenance can also improve resale value when the time comes to retire used vehicles and equipment.

Preventative maintenance isn't just about the bottom line; it is also about safety. Well-maintained cars and industrial equipment are less likely to cause injuries or fatalities due to preventable malfunctions. Worn parts and potential problems can be often be discovered and repaired during preventative service calls, avoiding both costlier repairs and potential accidents.

Preventative maintenance is important to companies around the world, particularly in countries with competitive Cheap Taylor Rapp Jersey , fleet maintenance, part availability, and logistical issues such as Brazil's. Whether a Brazilian company has a large fleet of company cars and trucks or a factory filled with industrial and manufacturing equipment, preventative maintenance can save money, reduce downtime, improve safety Los Angeles Rams Jerseys For Sale , extend the life of equipment and vehicles, and improve resale value. ??

The problem with this gadget oriented society that we live in is that we often feel lost when something breaks down or stops working. In fact, some doctors have found people having anxiety attacks when they are out of touch on their gadgets for just a day or two. Of course, this is ridiculous, but for those who simply must have online access for most of the time, learning to fix the gadget themselves is a definite must. For example Rams Jerseys For Sale , it is not that difficult to fix in an iPhone replacement screen as long as some time and care is taken. Just looking online, for something like 'iPhone LCD,' should bring up enough choices for the individual to make an informed decision.

These gadgets are much simpler these days than they used to be. Online will be available plans and schematics for the gadgets so that people can look and see the numbers of the parts so no mistakes are made when ordering them. In fact, this is such a simple solution that most people will certainly try putting on a new outer casing which may have been damaged, and one they have achieved this simple task, they are far more likely to have a go at something a little more involved.

Indeed Cheap Los Angeles Rams Jerseys , they may be able to get some lessons in doing this from the local friendly technician, or even attend an evening class in the basics so that they can start up this small business for themselves. A lot of young entrepreneurs have done this successfully by offering in home or in office services and they get around town on a bike. Not only can they make a decent living from helping those who are technologically challenged, they also help to preserve the environment by not using a car and by keeping gadgets operating for longer without people dumping them in the trash can. A win - win situation all round.

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